Fabian Chaves


Fabian Chaves is a self-taught artist that works with various mediums. Illustrating, painting and digital application just to name a few. He enjoys all aspects and styles of art - from portraits, realism,  illustrations, lettering to abstract.

Heavily influenced as a child by Marvel Comics and Disney, the world of illustration and animation immediately sparked his interest. After taking a cue from his father, Fabian was inspired to pick up a pencil and begin creating works of his own.

Hailing from Newark, CA and growing up in Stockton, CA, Fabian gradually began to develop and progress his talent. Working on commission projects, he has expanded his craft and has continued to develop a spectrum of skill sets in addition to an affinity for continuous growth.

Currently residing in California with his wife and kids, Fabian is now looking to actively pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an accomplished artist. He can be found tattooing full time at Colorful Addictions Studios in Tracy, CA.